Infinity Invest

By capitalising on our individual skills and experience in the financial services industry, we are giving you access to unique investment opportunities.

Our passion to control the level of service delivered to the business’ book of clients is what has inspired and driven us to create Infinity Invest. This stems from the desire to offer clients what they need in light of their circumstances, not what an organisation wishes to push as a commercial agenda.


Here at Infinity Invest, we pride ourselves on our core values and beliefs. We are here to innovate and to offer a completely bespoke service. We are independent, personable and flexible. And, ultimately, we endeavour to provide our clients with best-in-class solutions.


Our innovative team are what give Infinity Invest an edge. By constantly striving to create new, cutting-edge solutions, we are able to offer above average yielding investment opportunities.

96-98 Baker Street,

0203 301 2907